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Friendly Franchise Feud Between Snyder and J.J. Abrams on Twitter

You’re turn Mr. Abrams!


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HUNKA JUNK: J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, debuted the first footage of the Millennium Falcon in a short clip. The shot pans down the side of the Falcon when, suddenly, Hans Zimmer’s theme from The Dark Knight kicks up. The audio cue isn’t just a fun reference, however—the video ends with a zoom in on a piece of the Falcon’s underbelly. There, modeled onto the ship, is a recreation of the Tumbler, Batman’s ride from Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of caped crusader films. [J.J. Abrams via HCN and EW] 

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Response to “10 Reasons Why Superman Isn’t An Interesting Superhero”


I saw an article on WhatCulture that purported Superman to be the lamest thing since a plain rice dinner, and taking exception to that, this is a piece narrowly aimed at setting it’s author on a more correct course. I’m going to go through his piece point-by-point, and try and bring a bit more understanding of Superman to someone who has very little.


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realitybites25 asked: Thank you so much for this blog!!! I have been a fan of DC since I was 2 years old and I adored Man of Steel. Yet I've seen nothing but hate for it from my friends, it makes me feel so happy to know there are people who love DC as much as me :) Hope you're having a nice day!!!

NO! Thank you!  Man of Steel is amazing and it’s fans are amazing and you should seriously talk to us all the time because we’re not gonna stop talking about how amazing a movie it is. #fansofsteel

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Movies in 2012
↳ #184 | Superman (1978) ★★

#oh wow reeve’s entire performance is really at gene kelly levels of charming #plus a level of vulnerability that i DO NOT understand fitting into that huge frame #all these moments are so well chosen #bc clark fundamentally at his core ENJOYS being super and enjoys life and loves not only individual people but People as a whole #which is something I’ve not necessarily seen that well portrayed in either the routh or cavill versions yet #they portray love of Lois or love of Martha Kent - but not necessarily love of life: they keep making him a man Out Of Place #(which is Batman’s deal - he feels he has nothing in common with other people) #Bruce Wayne is a persona that exists to facilitate and further the aims of Batman - that’s all #Clark Kent exists because Clark wants to be Clark and feels there is value in the way humans live #he values Perry and Jimmy and Lois as reporters and humans and feels he wants to share their lives and be their peer #when CK shows pain it can almost never be classified as gratuitous man-pain because it’s not self-focussed #his pain comes from compassion and empathy - not guilt or rage on his own behalf #the reasons people are loving steve rogers right now are the reasons they could be loving clark kent #and the fact that DC doesn’t think they can sell the good guy persona and are sticking with a batman format is their loss

Whew. Okay. I wrote some angry incoherent tags about this but I want to actually talk about this like a reasonable human. Yes, Christopher Reeve was amazing. No one is arguing with that. But let’s take this point by point.

1) Clark enjoys being super and loves People, as an abstract. Remember that time in Superman the Movie when Lois died while Clark was saving everyone else, so he turned back time and saved only her? Tell me again how that is demonstrating his love of humanity more than his love of Lois.

2) Modern!Clark is a man out of place, where oldschool movie Clark fit in. Yeah, that is straight-up false. Modern Clark is lonely and alienated and Othered, but that doesn’t make him love life any less. Reeve’s Clark spent 12 years training in the Fortress of Solitude with the floating head of his dead father, and after he leaves home we never see him interact with Martha Kent ever again. Leaving aside Superman Returns completely, because it’s a travesty I refuse to acknowledge as a legit version of Superman. He never has a single meaningful interaction with Perry or Jimmy, and keeps Lois at arms’ length. Meanwhile MoS!Clark learns to be a hero by traveling the world, working minimum wage jobs and saving people. His crowning moment of heroism (stopping the World Engine) is interspersed with scenes of Perry and Jenny clinging to each other as their world literally crumbles, because this is what Clark is fighting for. These people and all their hopes and dreams.

3) Clark wants to be Clark, not just Superman, because he values human lives, those he knows and those he doesn’t. This is true of modern Clark but NOT oldschool Clark, whose reporter persona is a JOKE, who rarely allows his real personality to come through when he’s in the glasses and bad suits disguise. Which, let’s be clear, IS the disguise in the Reeve movies - more, I would argue, than any other version. When he reveals himself to Lois (only because she finds out), he flies her to the Fortress (“let’s go to my place”), because Reeve!Clark identifies more with being Kal-El than Clark Kent.

4) Olschool Clark has no ridiculous man-pain. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m sorry, I’m trying not to be too antagonistic right now, but this is so COMPLETELY UNTRUE THAT I ACTUALLY CANNOT EVEN. Olschool Clark is MADE of manpain. Remember that time his father died because of a heart attack brought on by them racing? And then he left his aging mother for 12 years to be instructed on humanity from an alien AI? Remember that time he gave up his powers to be with Lois because he was so beholden to Jor-El that he never even questioned his assertion that he had to choose between being a hero and having meaningful relationships? Remember that time he got his powers back and then broke up with Lois because he STILL didn’t understand that he could be a hero and have a life? Remember that time he chose being a hero over love? Totally unnecessarily??? And broke both his heart and Lois’s for literally no reason??? And remember that time MoS!Clark never kept the secret from Lois, joined the DP staff mostly because she was there, and dealt with his tragedies in a moving but forward-looking manner? And never isolated himself, and while he went through horrible things, ended the movie with a smile on his face? Remember that time Reeve!Clark either turned back time, negating all the events of Superman II, or violated the mind of his supposed true love by erasing all her memories of what had happened between them, and her knowledge of the secret? Remember that?

5) Steve Rogers is more like Clark Kent than modern Clark Kent. Just, fuck right off with this nonsense. I love Steve Rogers, but aside from being sweet, earnest, good men, this comparison is getting stale. Steve is great, but I am sick to death of people acting like Captain America is a better tale of heroism than Man of Steel, whether you’re talking about the first or second movie.

6) Modern!Clark is the Batman of Clarks. Yeah, no. Batman is about vengeance, about scaring criminals, about always having a million plans. Modern Clark is lonely, yes. He’s melancholy, yes. But first of all, that doesn’t make him dark. Not being happy all the time does not make you a dark character. Reeve!Clark is the Clark who went back and beat up that trucker, WHILE HAVING SUPERPOWERS, just because he could. Just because he flies into space and smiles for the camera doesn’t mean he didn’t fuck everything up. Meanwhile MoS!Clark, though totally lacking in experience, takes responsibility for his actions, has to deal with difficult decisions, goes through sorrow and heartbreak, but never gives up on trying to maintain that connection with humanity; never gives up on loving and being loved in return.

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#well this has been building for a while#chris reeve and margot kidder are phenomenal ok#i love them to pieces#but the oldschool movies are not nearly as good as everyone acts like they are#nostalgia is one thing#revisionist history quite another

#wowwwwwwwwwww I’m so angry #chris reeve was great yes we get it we can all agree on that fact #but let’s not pretend these movies characterize clark as the real persona #this clark is THE MOST ALIEN OF ALL CLARKS #and kal-el is the most dependent on jor-el out of any version #the fortress of solitude is more his home than his apartment in the city or the kent farm #he listens to his floating head of a father instead of making his own choices #let’s talk about the gratuitous man-pain that came from GIVING UP HIS POWERS FOR LOIS BC JOR-EL MADE HIM CHOOSE #and the long torturous journey to getting them back #and the scene where he stands in the empty fortress shouting for his father #MAN OF STEEL IS NOTHING LIKE BATMAN I AM SO ANGRY THAT PEOPLE KEEP PRETENDING IT IS 

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