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And the way it came down to the end, is it’s very, very emotional. Superman’s about to be forced to kill Zod. So this is just Michael and Henry. The visual effects are minimal here. It’s just mano a mano, basically a struggling, grappling match in order for Superman to try and save the citizens. And it was intense, it was emotional and it was really, really physical for these two guys. They worked really hard and it was actually some of the most arduous of the scenes for these guys. It was really physical, yet so emotional all the way up until Superman has to take Zod out. The welling up and the scream of emotion is just haunting and the entire crew was kind of in awe and frozen when we were shooting this.

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life goals : give henry cavill and amy adams their own web show where they do nothing but go around various drive-thru lanes in Detroit in full superman and lois regalia, order ice cream, and then hand out said ice cream to random (gif children

just imagine each child’s face when supes and lois suddenly show up offering ice cream. *i’m not crying you’re crying*


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